About DominicG


DominicG ('78) is a Tech House/Techno Dj & Producer from The Netherlands. At a very young age he started with making music. Started with keyboard/Piano lessons and playing in a band. Not much later he bought his turntables and records. Soon he got addicted with this incredible style of music: Housemusic.....

In the following years he was searching the right style to create music. He nowadays produces tech house and techno. His tracks has been released on Effektive Music, Kynatix, Oneless Records, T.L.R., Punky Records, HotSenses Records, TrueLife Recordings, Beatfreak Recordings, Drum Tunnel records, Heart & Lie Records, Yousel Records, Riben Records and Eichtal Recordings


And there is many more to come....!

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